What does your water bottle say about you?

Kamryn Brown, Photo Editor

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With the start of a new school year, students are looking to their water bottles for more than just staying hydrated. Between Camelbacks, Nalgenes and Hydro Flasks, there are more opportunities than ever for students to express themselves through their H20 accessories.

Like trends of the past, including silly bands, pearl necklaces, and lokai bracelets, water bottles are a way for students to make a statement. Unlike those trends, with stickers that mean something to you and represent your life, no one else will be able to have the same bottle as you.

“My water bottle fits me very well because the stickers I put on it are of things that I love,” senior Mckenzie Lewis said. “I love Chick-Fil-A, so I have a sticker of a Chick-Fil-A cup on my water bottle.”

 When it comes to the water bottles themselves, there are unique reasons why students have picked their chosen brands. Athletes and scholars tend to pick water bottles that store the biggest amount of water so they don’t have to worry about refilling it throughout their school day or during their extracurricular activities afterwards. Those water bottles that fit their needs are Hydro Flasks and Nalgenes, water bottles that can hold many ounces and keep it cold for hours. Students who drink water throughout their day leisurely usually go for Swells or YETIs. When it comes to color, most students don’t really shoot for anything specific if they know that they want to decorate it with stickers for the sake of matching, but there are a few who have a colored bottle that’s typically their favorite color.

 “I got a clear water bottle so that I could always see what’s inside of it,” senior Evan Grasso said. “The stickers show the teams I support, places I’ve been, and things I like to do.”

Water bottle brands have also been benefiting from the sudden increase of people’s interest. Not only are they making a larger profit, they are also getting more and more people to stop buying plastic water bottles and to start using their own individual one. According to Arcadia Power, humans need to drink about four 16.9 oz plastic water bottles a day. By drinking out of reusable water bottles instead, humans save 1,460 plastic water bottles a day.

Whether students choose their water bottles as a means of expression or out of necessities, there has been a growing increase of purchases for them made, eliminating the need for plastic water bottles.