Student Athlete Advisory Committee establishes student section at games

Maya Rhoads and Sara Beth Jones

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In response to a lack of student participation at games, Athletic Director Tyrone McGriff founded the school’s first ever student section in conjunction with the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

McGriff believes the new student section has already improved the quality of sporting events at school and provides an encouraging environment that was missing in previous seasons.

“I would love to see our student section grow to 400 students sitting together, enjoying that time with their classmates,” McGriff said.

The goal of the student section is to provide a home-field advantage for athletes.

“When you have people cheering for you, it gives you a boost and makes the other team uncomfortable,” McGriff said.

In order to execute his plan, McGriff turned to student leaders and formed the Student Athlete Advisory Committee. The committee aims to strengthen the relationship between athletes and the school administration by giving
selected students a chance to weigh in on decisions regarding teams and events. This committee also aims to promote athletics and to enhance the overall student-athlete experience.

Two students who have taken the lead in bringing more student involvement to games are junior Will Pfeiffer and sophomore
Argene Lynn. Historically, students have been seen sitting spread apart on “the hill” and parents were the ones sitting in the stands, which the two aimed to fix.

“Will and I saw student sections at other high schools, and we were like ‘we can do that,’” Lynn said.

High School Principal Megan Brink would like to see a positive culture where all students are supported no matter what they’re doing, and she believes the student section is a step in the right direction.

“I think that it’s going to show that we have positive support, that we’re a family and that we are proud of who we are,” Brink said. “We are the light, and that student section embodies it and puts it into physical form.”
The eventual goal for the section is to have the band, cheerleaders and student leaders coordinating with one another to create
cohesive cheers and chants for the student section to join in on.
“[A student section is] not just everybody cheering loudly; you have structure there in a positive way,” Brink said.
In the long run, McGriff doesn’t want the student section to just benefit athletics. If implemented correctly, he hopes students will now have another fond memory to look back on once they graduate.
“We’re all there supporting you. That student section just kind of brings it to reality and solidifies it,” Brink said.