Super teams, super boring

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The latest trend in professional basketball is ruining the game. It doesn’t matter how good the players are – a super team is simply boring to watch.

Teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors have built superior rosters by drafting multiple superstar athletes to their teams. By taking away the opportunity for other teams to make a run for the NBA championship, everything from the regular season to the postseason is anticlimactic, and a letdown for fans who enjoy the traditionally fierce competition.

“Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s there were kind of super teams, but they would have built their teams through good drafting and coaching,” varsity basketball coach Todd McNeil said. “I think the big increase in free agency signings is a part of the system that is broken [now].”

When players become free agents, they control what team they will play for, as opposed to waiting to be traded. This allows them to join a team that already has a strong roster.

In addition to free agency, the biggest problem contributing to super teams is the NBA salary cap. The salary cap is the amount of money that an NBA team is allowed to spend on their players’ salaries in a season. Other professional sports have salary caps too, including the NFL. However, The NFL has a hard salary cap, where the amount of money allowed for salaries is not able to go over a specific number, or they will be fined, whereas the NBA has a soft salary cap, where they are given tax breaks for going over.

“It’s not fair to have super teams because the team with the most money is always going to have the best team,” senior Denzel Shaw said.

The salary cap issue is only likely to get worse before it gets better. As more and more players become classified as all-stars, more and more money will be added to the cap space each year. The NBA needs to make moves towards stopping super teams, ore the sport will suffer.